OtherHand Recording

My tracking room,  OtherHand Recording, remains a hub of creative activity.

Over the past year, I co-engineered and co-produced the new TMG record, “2 Tall”, and tracked couple of tunes on Nolan Garrett’s (the Seattle guitar rocker) second record, “Brick Lanes”,  and as usual, produced several sessions for independent artists around L.A. ( including, but not limited to Keesha Scott-Hogan, Shani Shousterman, Chas Castell,  and Sophie Ilys, Candice Courntey, Marc Platt, Sierra West, Jean Mann, and others) , all while I was finishing “Less is the New Black”.   For 2016, I will only be taking on limited projects. Right now I am in the middle of co-producing Jimmy ”Muffin” Yessian’s next CD, untitled as of this writing, and I want to make this project the focus of my efforts for the first part of the year.  I am already halfway through my next CD, which will mark a return to a  larger rock-band sound, but will still encompass the lessons learned while recording Less is the New Black.